Boogeyman or Shadow Person?


This claim occurred when the witness was younger than four.  At one time, Adam believed this vivid memory was a dream.  He knew memories during that age could not be trusted, but later in life, his mother turned the idea upside down.  There are two missing gaps in Adam’s memory concerning this report.

Adam claims this story began a lifetime of sightings that resemble Shadow People reports.

It was a summer night and the window of his bedroom was open to let the air in.  There was a white garage next door that Adam would look at during the early hours parts of night.  Light from somewhere cast shadows on the garage’s wall.  These shadows intrigued Adam because to him they appeared to be from an invisible band playing, drum set and all.

He would watch them every night as if they were alive, and sometimes his imagination would make them move.  This was another reason to disbelieve his memories.

The night in question, Adam was staring at this shadow band when a movement suddenly caught the corner of my eye.  The child pushed his head against the screen far as he could.  Slowly, out of the dark, something darker came into view.  All the sudden, a human male form; with his back against my wall; appeared, but this person was completely black.

“This was not African American black, stocking black, or a black mask,” Adam protested.  “Literally, there were no colors on this thing.  This ‘person’ was all one solid shape of “Sharpie” black. He was slick, smooth, and non-reflective.”  The “shadow”, snapped its head to the side and appeared to look at Adam.

“I remember the sudden movement and absence of a face horrified me, but then comes a huge gap in my memory,”  Adam explained to me.  The figure was suddenly in the room picking Adam up.  All the indentations and curves of eyes, nose, lips, and even facial features existed, yet all color was absent.  Adam said for me to imagine painting someone completely black inside and out.  There was no color even inside the mouth.

“It picked me up,” Adam reported, “It felt human to the touch.”  After that, he has no memory.  These details stayed with him all his life.  One day; around age twenty-five; Adam finally revealed the weird memory to his mother.

To his surprise, she abruptly inquired if he remembered telling her about the boogeyman as a child.  Adam was clueless and his mother was surprised the memory was gone.  He had been terrified.

She related he came running out of the room claiming the boogeyman was at his window.  Adam was completely adamant about it, but his mother dismissed it.  Later, he emerged claiming the boogeyman was still there and his anxiety showed.

His mother went into the bedroom and found the window screen had been pushed inside a ways.  She was worried and checked around, but nobody was found.  Place From the Outer in the subject line. There might be an email interview if I decide to post your story.  All names will be changed.