1.)  Between everything, there is something beyond our sight.
If things could be proven to exist, I subscribe to the idea we can only measure the universe with our normal senses which in turn gives us “tunnel vision”.  Something has to “walk in front of us” for us to even glimpse it there.

2.)No one theory explains everything about any reported phenomenon. 

Who is to say that only giant apes can account for every hairy humanoid report?  Why do some claim red glowing eyes, belts, vanishing into thin air, or bulletproof?

Claims of some alien encounters consist of outright ghostly abilities, demonic auras, and even ships that feel alive.

3.)Nothing of grand scale happens alone.

These are the three philosophies this Fortean blog.  I am not a researcher who is able to go into the field and study various things surrounding a report.  Instead, I am a story collector who absorbs strange stories and records those personally told to him.  Sometimes, you begin to see common traits in even the most outlandish and you begin to wonder.


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